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Stoves and Shelters from Nor' West Company

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Porta Heat stoves are perfect, portable stoves for fishing cabins, tents, small workshops, and shelters of all sorts.

Nor' West Company is proud to be the exclusive dealer of Porta Heat wood burning stoves and accessories in Alaska.  Each Porta Heat stove is constructed of 1/8" steel. All joints are welded on the inside -- none of the weld is ground off, so it's stronger and safer than many other stoves. Everything but the blue pipe and optional stainless steel water tank is coated in a black, heat-resistant paint that adds to the product's longevity. It all nests together for easy transport. The door can be completely removed for fast cleaning, too.

Porta Heat stoves are baffled to minimize sparks. I always recommend a spark arrester for added safety. We also have a stainless steel water tank that holds five quarts and hooks on the back of the stove (as shown in the photo above), or it can be attached to either side of the stove. The unit and all of its parts and accessories can be shipped U.P.S.

Both Porta Heat wood burning stoves are offered as a complete package with four blue pipes, spark arrester and warming tray.  Additional parts and accessories are available for either model.  .

  • #1    The Porta Heat Above-ground fire-pit. $105.00

  • #2    11"x11"x24" Porta Heat stove, fully equipped with four blue pipes (4" x 24"), spark arrester & warming tray.  Only  $170.00

  • #3    16"x16"x24" Porta Heat stove fully equipped with four blue pipes (5" x 24"), spark arrester & warming tray.  Only $225.00

  • #4    Historically authentic brazier.  Only $65.00

  • #5    Folding grill.  $35.00

Porta Heat Stove Parts and Accessories

Heat exchanger $55.00

5 quart stainless-steel water tank $50.00

Ash catcher tray $10.00

4" dia. blue pipe (24" long) $ 6.50

5" dia. blue pipe (24" long) $ 7.50

4" dia. damper $6.00

5" dia. damper $7.00

4" or 5" dia. blue pipe elbow $ 12

4"x8" spark arrester $20

5"x8" spark arrester $25


Nor' West Company is the exclusive dealer of Don Strinz tents and tipis in Alaska.  

Wall Tents

Wall tents can be reliably documented to at least the American Revolution are as popular with Alaskan outdoorsmen today as they were among British and Continental officers during the war for independence.  .  A wall tent equipped with one of our Porta-Heat wood burning stoves represents a canvas cabin that can be used year-round.     Our 7' X 10' wall tent is a compact shelter that offers plenty of headroom for a single camper while our 12' X 18' wall tent is a huge home away from home suitable for a family or large camping party.  Wall tents come with stove hole and one door. Additional door in back is $25 extra. Sod cloth (around the base of the tent) included unless otherwise ordered. 5' wall, 3' walls and other sizes also available.  (P)

Ridge Height

13 oz Sunforger® canvas

$525.00 + shipping
$625.00 + shipping
$875.00 + shipping
$1075.00+ shipping




Pyramid Tents

Pyramid tents, also sometimes referred to as "miner's tents",  have been around since at least the 1830s, and were the main troop-tent of Napoleon's army.  They offer nearly as much space as a wall tent, but with a simple one-pole only set-up they are quickly raised or struck.  Equipped with a wood-burning stove a pyramid tent makes a roomy yet efficient tent that is especially well suited for the back-country hunting, fishing or trapping camp. (Q)  Pyramids are especially among back country outfitters.

Pole Height

13 oz Sunforger® canvas

$250 + shipping
$350 + shipping
$450 + shipping
$570 + shipping
$650 + shipping
$800 + shipping

Stove-pipe holes & windows, add $25 each


Wedge or "A" Tents

The 'wedge' or 'A' style tent is the type that first comes to mind when someone utters the word "tent" and is a style that's been in use for many centuries.  This is the most easily documented tent for a historical reenactor.  More compact and therefore lighter in weight than either a wall-tent or a pyramid, a good sized wedge nonetheless provides excellent shelter for two people and all their stuff.  Bell-back style tents increase your available floor space by 40%.  All wedge tents come with a wide sod cloth.  We can even provide a stove-pipe hole if you'd like to heat your wedge with a wood-burning stove. (P)

13 oz Sunforger® canvas
7'x7'x'7 Bell Back
9'x9'x7' Bell Back

Add a stove-pipe hole to your wedge for only $25.00


$275 + shipping
$375 + shipping
$400 + shipping
$525 + shipping



Bakers and Lean-tos

Camp shelters don't get much simpler than this, yet either a baker or lean-to is more than adequate for an individual at most rendezvous and shoots. A real, fundamental tent. Good price, too!

The baker (left in sketch below) has a back wall while the lean-to does not.  The wall at the back of the baker creates more useable space. (Q)


Back Height/Front Height
13 oz Sunforger® canvas
$300 + shipping
$400 + shipping
$525 + shipping


13 oz Sunforger® canvas
$250 + shipping
$300 + shipping
$425 + shipping
Other sizes made to order at comparable price.
All Bakers and Lean-Tos come with a wide sod cloth.



With a warm fire burning in the center, this classic plains and Rocky Mountain American Native shelter represents perhaps the most comfortable camping accommodation to be found.  Tipis are measured by diameter. The basic practical tipis are 10, 12, 14, 18, 20 and 22 feet across when standing. But the fact is, Don Strinz can make them about any size you want.  (P)

Prices quoted by Nor' West Company includee the cover, liner and door.  Poles can not be shipped to Alaska for a price that any of us can afford.

10' Tipi - $675.00 + Shipping

12' Tipi - $915.00 + Shipping

14' Tipi - $1025.00 + Shipping

16' Tipi - $1250.00 + Shipping

18' Tipi - $1500.00 + Shipping

20' Tipi - $1825.00 + Shipping

22' Tipi - $2075.00 + Shipping

Please Contact Us for prices of tipies.

All About Don Strinz Tipis and Tents.

Sunforger® canvas is a chemically treated cotton duck material. It is actually 12.6 oz, but everybody is selling it as 13 oz, so we are giving in and doing the same.  In official terms Sunforger® canvas is marine grade, boat shrunk, mildew resistant, flame retardant, water repellant, Number One quality canvas.  We recommend Sunforger® canvas for most camp shelters because it requires less care than regular cotton duck, especially in Alaska's notorious difficult weather conditions.  In fact we don't just recommend it, we also use it ourselves. 

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